Monday, July 2, 2012

What to do...?

So I've been inspired by all the blogs I've found and the workshops I've attended this summer to get in my room and get after it. I always hate that week before hustle and bustle of setting my room up for the new school year. I always say I'm not doing anything different and before you know it I'm tearing everything down and starting all over again. So I thought to myself, first things first. I've got to tackle my desk and my closet before I do anything else. But of course I've been pinning all of these bulletin board ideas and I get distracted by the thought of changing my room.

Then there is the whole Red and blue thing that's always in the back of my mind. (For those of you who don't follow the Gomez & Gomez model, Spanish Is red, English Is blue) and we must have our word walls and student generated alphabets in those colors. But I have a forest green wall in my room and I don't care too much for primary colors. So Sometimes I feel stifled by the themes I can use in my room. I kind of want to have a black and white polka dot theme in my room, with red and turquoise but I don't know yet. Also our school has a school wide theme with frogs (hopping into prek) so I have to incorporate that.

Then I remembered I had to submit a transcript for my grad school application while my kids are running around the room having a good old time. Needless to say, the closet and desk remained the same. Does anyone else have these issues or is it just me? I literally wake up and get on pinterest to see if anyone has pinned the solution to my dilemma, lol!